Are they a “Good Company?”

Do you “Gotta A Guy?” …

Is it a “Nice Place?”

Is the “Food Good?”...

Are they “Expensive?”

Whether its a plumber, a carpenter, a babysitter, a pet-sitter, or auto mechanic, starting a new relationship with a professional who is skilled at their trade, can be a stressful situation. We’ll share our stories with you and give you the opportunities to learn from our experiences, the good calls … and the bad ones.


…We’ll share first hand knowledge with you of our actual experiences with people, places, and companies we would, and would not recommend .

The attitude we all share here at SJC , is that the glass is always half full, and you will always be better served to have a positive attitude. With that being said, we do try and resist writing anything negative about any company and or person, as we would prefer to not say anything at all then to be negative . We will however , always be honest , and share our experience you.

Sarah T. Key